Virtual Burnham Project



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Contact information regarding the website:


Joshua Anderson, Lead modeler for the Letters Building in Grant Park and The Court House in the Civic Center

Elizabeth Birnbaum, Research assistant, viral video

Emily Hilgenberg, Music for publicity videos

Karen Larson, Summer 2008 project co-ordinator (Richter Scholar), publicity videos

Kamil Madjeski, Virtual models

Michael Ojdana, Lead modeler and researcher for the Science Building, Art Building, Grant Park landscape, and the Monroe Harbor

Quincy Roberts, Early design work

Saugat Shrestha, Webmaster, overlay creator

Emily Snowberg, Summer 2009 research assistant

Clarissa Thiessen, Virtual models, research assistant

Erik Wingo, Early design work

Minxu Zhang, Summer 2009 project co-ordinator (Richter Scholar)